Traditions Proudly Handcrafted in Maine

Mingo’s Evergreen Products was founded in 1958 by Alden Mingo. Alden raised his family working the balsam farm, which grew to become a wonderful traditional family owned business in Calais, Maine. The Mingo family started their business with evergreen products. During the Christmas seasons for the past half century, Mingo’s has never been late with a single order. They continue to serve some of their first customers, a half century later. It is the care, genuine personal touch, and outstanding craftsmanship of their products that sets them apart. As the years went by, the Mingo family expanded their product lines to cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, and maple. There is always something fresh at Mingo’s, so bookmark this page and check back throughout the year for something distinctive for you or someone special.